Cheap Hotel Accommodation In Central London

London has a reputation for a low budget hotel with very cheap hotels. Okay, so what is cheap. For all intents and purposes of this article, we aim to define the cheapest $ 100 per night (60 pounds sterling in local currency) with all taxes paid with a standard double / twin room

Most hotel accommodation on this wall is called a "bed and breakfast" hotel. This may be misleading because they don't know. No, it's not a cozy host for a family owner, with personal hosts, a regular English breakfast and home-made offerings, usually outside London. Most are small hotels with 20-50 rooms, with very simple rooms for low-wage immigrants, rarely elevators and continental breakfasts. with them. It is not to say that these establishments should be avoided, but many of the poor quality are terrible.

The main London hotels are Bayswater, Victoria and Kings Cross. Here you will see plenty of bed and breakfast hotels on the sets. Breakfast in a double or twin room in these rooms is around $ 70-100

Kings Cross has a bad reputation, and was known for drugs, crime and prostitution. That is, to a large extent, what is behind it and the range above it. The whole site is rejuvenated and Eurostar Trains will be completed at Kings Cross Station in 2007. Bed and breakfast hotels are located around a garden plaza opposite Kings Cross Station. Kings Cross is a mile from London's West End, central entertainment, and there is plenty of public transport at your doorstep.

Bayswater is on the northern border of Hyde Park, the largest in London, and is just a few miles from Oxford Street, Kensington Palace and Paddington Station (the terminus for the Heathrow Express airport link. Bayswater is a traditional budget spot and a great place to stay. Bayswater High Street, Queensway) ), there are numerous restaurants and economic shops, supermarkets, carpenters, etc.

Victoria is very central, while Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and London Eye are all within walking distance. Cheap hotels are located south of the train station, from the bus stations to Pimlico Metro. The environment is friendly and safe.

Room rates vary widely. In the depths of winter, rooms can drop as low as $ 50, but note that these tend to be the worst hotels. Most hotels will also have a lower discount on the weekend.

Some of the better beds and breakfasts include Montana Excel and Howard Winchester Hotels in Kings Cross, Victoria Central Hotel and Blakemore and Annur Hotels in Bayswater. Some of them can be advertised as three star hotels. Be careful when you notice the words "self-rating" in small print.

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