Hotels Need to Adapt to the Next Generation of Guests

For years, the boomer generation of children have been dominating and ruling over how hotels play and market themselves. But now, Gen Y & # 39; s and Gen X & # 39; As they travel, hotels will need to be more responsive to their needs and travel habits. As social media emerges as a major marketing platform, hotels will need to refocus their energies on young people moving forward. in this exciting new medium promised. thought.

Changing the perspective of this change is impossible for the host. Radical ideas and demands, even somewhat, are noticeable. For example, in the past, hotels always turned on lights for guests. There is also a major hotel chain that uses this concept. But this is not always what this younger generation wants – in a greener and more environmentally conscious way, you would leave these young passengers in the dark. These pretty young people would rather enjoy the darkness, save the Earth and turn on the light every night than wasting those kilowatts every night. This hotel is a small flavor of the great change that hosts worldwide. Not only does it change the way you market your business, but it also changes your business start-up model.

There are a number of issues that lead to a young traveler redefining the luxury hotel experience. Technology is at the forefront. And it's not cutting-edge technology but cutting-edge mobile technology. Make a reservation, view virtual tours, search for hotel hotels, not only rates (and discounts), view room designs, check from your handheld electronic device.

If that is not enough, even if the guest has to move from the hotel to your hotel, all this technology must happen. When that boot is on the carpet, you better greet the wireless (free and high-speed) Internet, full-service business / fax center, electronic keys (self-deleting), blue screen TV & # 39; s, satellite TV. , Tivo, DVD mobile players, iPads, iPod music centers, and auto-lockers. Of course, make sure this technology is not always used! Following the green theme, make sure that beds, towels and sheets are not free of charge for cleaning and drying or drying as much as possible.

From a design standpoint, hotels are starting to look smarter to launch. Modern design is prevalent in the next century. If your hotel does not look like it is in the 21st century, you have not won the XXI. Century reservations. Increasingly, younger travelers and travelers who are more concerned about the dominance of social media will have your change for the hotel. From design, technology, booking methods and marketing, the future of the hotel will be in the hands of the next generation.

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